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About Us

Welcome to ABC Bricks! 

I remember getting my first lego set when I was probably 10 years old. It was the Lego Fire Station set and I was hooked! Next was the Lego Police Station and after that, it was all about Lego's. I built houses, mini "people" with the 1 x 1 brick and played for hours.

Over the years, I acquired sets here and there and added to my Lego collection. My brother came along and before I knew it, he was getting the Lego sets and I thought I was too old and mature for Legos. My oldest daughter never became interested in Lego sets the way I was but my youngest son loved the large Star Wars sets and we spent many an hour putting together the AT-AT, battleships and other large Star War Sets.

Currently, I am putting together the Expert lego sets and have them set up at various places in my home. I just finished a Christmas Village and the Lego Holiday train set (which I am hoping to get "motorized" this year). I also am putting together the Lego Detective's Office set and am trying to find my Lego Movie Creation: Set #70814 Emmet's Construct-o-Mech. That was one of my most favorite builds!

ABC Bricks was started to get some of these excess pieces out- I have collections from 4 people and need to let some of it go. Even though ABC just opened a short time ago, you can rely on ABC Bricks to give you exactly what you ordered, in the condition you ordered it, and within a timely manner.

I've removed any pieces that are warped or discolored and clean pieces before shipping. I live in North Carolina and sometimes we experience bad winter weather, but I will always notify you of any weather-related delays. If you receive a piece you did not order or it isn't what you ordered, contact me and let's work it out.

I appreciate your business because at Brick Owl you have many, many choices. Trust me to handle your Lego Wish List or Want List with care and professionalism.

You won't be disappointed.






 Last Updated: 27 Nov 2018